Rental Forklifts

Rental Forklifts / Forklifts, Reach Trucks and Pallet Trucks

BCCM has one of the largest forklift rental fleets in British Columbia. Carrying over 300 units, we provide fully equipped, new and late model Komatsu forklift trucks, reach trucks, as well as Blue Giant and Big Joe pallet trucks.

For your safety and reliability, all units are fully inspected and serviced prior to your use. We want to ensure that your needs are met and that you save money as well as time with our speedy delivery right to your location and back!

If you are looking for more information about our rental forklifts and other machinery, simply call 604 321 2331 ext 236 for Bill or ext 230 for Jamie.

Our forklifts carry capacities from 3,000 to 30,000 lbs, they can be used for indoor or outdoor use and they are offered in three types:

  1. Electric

  2. Propane

  3. Diesel

Safety tips!

Before renting a forklift there are some things you should take into consideration:

• Operators must be qualified 

• Appropriate clothing should be worn 

• Examine equipment before use 

• Ensure you are strapped in safely 

• Take a look at your surrounding environment 

• Operate the forklift at a safe speed 

• Avoid hazards (bumps, slippery surfaces etc…) 

• Ensure your load is stable and secure

We also carry narrow aisle electric reach trucks, electric pallet movers, and pallet stackers each making moving, reaching and heavy lifting an easier process.

When you rent a forklift with us at BCCM we will include maintenance help as well as same or next day delivery services. We have fair, flexible and competitive monthly rates, special rates apply to longer terms and we do offer rental purchase programs as well!

Give us a call at 604 321 2331 and speak to Jamie or Bill Simpson for a customized quotation that suits your specific forklift rental needs and your budget.

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