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Rental Forklifts / Forklift Maintenance Vancouver

Forklift maintenance in Vancouver area is one of many services provided by BCCM. We also run forklift safety inspection, forklift sales, and forklift repairs. 

Forklift Safety Materials and Accessories include:

Safety Vests: Safety vests are used in a wide variety of professionals and situations. They are just as handy for forklift operators as they are for any other professional. These safety vests allow you to be spotted from a large distance, which is good for forklift operators that are high up off the ground.

Blue Light: The blue light is used as an attachment to the forklift. What does the blue light do? The blue light shines on the ground behind the forklift, showing you any and all movement. This function could be lifesaving in some situations, and a blue light should always be used when operating a forklift.

Strobe Lights: What is the difference in use between a blue light and a strobe light? While a blue light aims downwards towards the ground, a strobe light is aimed at eye-level. This way, if the strobe light is turned on, all works will immediately notice. Once they notice the strobe light, they are made aware that the forklift is on and operating. It can alternatively be used as an alarm for an accident.

Lightweight propane Tanks: Heavier propane tanks pose risks. A lightweight propane tank will be much safer in the chance that it is dropped. Instead of having a serious foot injury, it was lightly tap your foot,causing no harm. The lightweight propane tank is also much kinder on your back, letting you carry it with ease and nos train.

Seat Caddy: A seat caddy fits snuggly over your seat in the forklift. There are pockets in the caddy that can hold a variety of items, such as tools or water. Any small important object can be kept in the caddy. This way, the driver will not be distracted and can safely drive, hands free.

Please contact BCCM for any of the above forklift accessories, or to discuss the meintanance of your fleet of forklifts. 

Keep your forklift maintained and your will save yourself time and money! If you happen to need some assistance with your forklift maintenance, simply call 1 800 814 1406 for more information or click here to book an appointment with us today! 

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