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Rental Forklifts / Renting Forklifts in Vancouver

If you’re in the market for finding a rental forklift, you might be overwhelmed by all the choices available to you. BCCM is the largest forklift rental company in British Columbia, and here to guide you on how you can find the right forklift for your needs in Vancouver. Read our blog below to see what makes B.C. Conveying Machinery the industry leader in rental forklifts now!


Why Choose BCCM for Your Forklift Rental Needs?

BCCM proudly carries a wide variety of forklifts and forklift models. With over 300 units available for rental, we are an industry leader in forklift rentals. All of our forklift rentals are fully equipped. We carry late and new Komatsu model forklift trucks, reach trucks, and Blue Giant and Big Joe pallet trucks to ensure all of your needs are met.


Forklift Safety and Inspection

BCCM puts safety first. Because of this, we perform full inspections to each unit prior to your rental. This helps us to not only ensure that each unit is in proper working order for your convenience, but also that each unit is safe for use. Even when factoring in the time for inspection, BCCM forklift rentals are delivered in an incredibly speedy manner, right to your location and back!


What Types of Forklifts Does BCCM Carry?

We carry a variety of forklift models, and their weight limits range from 3000 lbs to 30,000 lbs. They can be used for a variety of projects, as well as indoor and outdoor uses. The three types of forklifts offered by BCCM include:

  • Propane

  • Electric

  • Diesel


Safely Operating Your Forklift Rental

Forklift operators need to be trained and qualified to use rental or non-rental forklifts. Ensure that proper attire is worn while operating your rental forklift by BCCM. Examine all forklifts before use. Be aware of the environment you are using your forklift in to avoid any accidents.


Renting forklifts in Vancouver from BCCM is made easy! Call us today to learn more: 1-800-814-1406


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