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Dock loading equipment is essential for business owners in Vancouver area who are looking to increase the overall productivity of their business!

B.C Conveying Machinery provides warehouse workers in Vancouver and surrounding area with a broad range of new dock loading equipment! Call us at 1 800 814 1406 to request a quote today!

In recent years more and more industrial businesses  focus their attention on creating better dock loading procedures to reduce the amount of time it takes to transport deliveries from trucks at their facilities. Having dock loading equipment that works efficiently will ensure your money goes to good use, and that productivity is increased each and everyday.

Here are some ways you can increase productivity with dock loading equipment:  

Evaluate Security Of Your Dock Loading Equipment

You want to inspect the loading dock area to ensure it is fully-accessible to constant traffic. To increase security, connect the overhead doors and vehicle restraints to your facility’s security system.

Dock Loading Equipment Maintenance

Put dock levelers, vehicle restraints, and overhead doors on a regular maintenance schedule. Be sure that you clean and adjust the major moving parts. By maintaining your dock loading equipment you will be extending the product's life, and increasing productivity in your workplace.

Check Dock Loading Doors

Maintaining, repairing, and replacing dock doors can be expensive- but sometimes necessary. If your doors are in such bad condition that they cannot be repaired it is recommended that you replace them with high-impact doors.

Upgrade Dock Loading Equipment

You do not have to invest in completely new dock loading equipment but it does help to get an estimate of your existing equipments life expectancy before considering upgrades.

Replace Dock Loading Equipment When Necessary

If your loading dock is 15-20 years old chances are they won’t be equipped to handle today’s larger loads. Trying to squeeze large loads can cause significant damage to the door headers, door tracks, dock bumpers as well as the products being transported.

Replacing your dock loading equipment with larger doors, shelters and dock levelers may be the most cost-efficient method to upgrading your dock loading area. This will help increase productivity and safety, while reducing damages to your facility, dock loading equipment and the products being transported.

If you would like to learn more about our selection of dock loading equipment, simply call 1 800 814 1406 or click here to see the dock loading equipment we have to offer!

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